Thursday, August 5, 2010


I took a Mural Painting class over the summer to fulfill my off campus credit I didn't expect to fall in the love with it or even to like it. When the class first started i was disappointed and just mad i was giving up my summer to take a class with a lady who obviously who had no idea how to teach college students. I felt as if we weren't accomplishing anything and when we did design our mural i thought it was horrible. I am ashamed to say i was embarrassed to be part of the Mural. When we finally for to the site of the mural it smelly bad, it was messy and at first we didn't even know what wall we were supposed to be painting. When we finally figured out what wall we were supposed to be working on, we had to scrub and clean up loose paint. At the end of the day i was exhausted and smelt like hobo pee, which to be honest is just as terrible as it sounds. It took a lot of team work, and many misunderstandings to complete our mural and although not ever day was a good day and not everyone in the class like one another in the end, we completed something amazing and completely changed the feel of a dirty scary alley to an alley people WANT to walk down. This mural has made me realize just what public art can do for a community and a group of people. I learned a lot from painting this mural, mainly how to collaborate and just how hard it is to actually collaborate with a group of people. I fell in love with mural painting, there is something really rewarding about painting something so large, and making difference in a neighborhood.

I just want to thank everyone in the Mural class for all the memories & hard work!

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