Friday, July 23, 2010


I used to absolutely love building forts when I was a kid, something about being able to create my own space was exciting for me as a kid. I would make them out of sheets, snow, boxes, sticks, anything that I could build a structure with. I have spent a lot of my adult life thinking about my childhood. Who doesn't miss building forts, riding bikes, playing in dirt & climbing trees? A couple semesters ago I decided to build a fort in the garden area of my school. I felt like a kid again, climbing up and down the tree, almost falling out of the tree. It reminded me of how wild my imagination was. I think the most successful artist would have to be a child. There is something so pure and uneffected about a child's mind. During the construction of, The Fort I had hoped people would see the structure and offer to help. Unfortunately, the garden area of SFAI is not in the most noticable area. Next time I would like to make a "town" of forts. I think that if everyone takes a second to act like a kid again, the world will be full of a lot happier and less stressed people.

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