Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year, New Plans

Here we are, at my last semester of college. A place I didn't expect to be at so soon, and now that I am I realize I have many choices to make. I need to figure out where to go, what to do & how I am going to pay for all these expenses life seems to give us. I am extremely excited for what my future has to bring, even though I am not exactly sure what I am going to do I have faith it will be amazing. I have many dreams for myself and plenty of time to live out these dreams. I am just excited that I am at the point in my life I can live them out. I am going to be checking graduating collage off my list of achievements and something I can't get over is, I actually am getting to live out my childhood dream of becoming an artist. I am graduating from an amazing art college with knowledge of the arts I couldn't have imagined when I was a kid. I am a printmaker, a fine artist.

Something I am going to work on more is talking about my art, constantly updating this and challenging myself to grow more as an artist. I need to be more active with my art and other artists and I started this blog to get my art out there and seek inspiration and find peers to work with. I am going to make more of an effort in doing this. In fact I bought myself a new digital camera for Christmas, so that just means I will have plenty of inspiration to share!

Anyways I have been using a website called we <3 it to seek images I thought were cool, ya know Inspiration. I am going to be posting inspiration from there as well as my own art and photos.

Tumblr_lfhdfb3uuc1qbou0go1_500_large found
Mushroom,vintage,psychedelic,faerie,shroom,melnbalts-5a301bc5cde463441ac6731f0dce517e_h_large found

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Find More at MY HEART!!!!!!

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